Mittwoch, 30. September 2015

Goth/Industrial/EBM 30 Day Song Challenge

Auf meinem alten Blog, hab ich die schon mal gemacht, aber ich dachte man kann ja nochmal, weil es so einen Spaß macht.

Die Regeln:

"* Start Day 1 on whatever day you start... go from there... you don't have to catch up with anyone! Please only make one post per day... this makes the Challenge continue to grow and build long after the first 30 days!!!

* You can repeat bands during the challenge, but please try not to post the same songs by those bands!

* Please post the answers to your page as a link in your status and to this page as a link on our wall.

* Don't think you have to do the challenge IN 30 days, just do ALL 30 days of challenges at your own pace!

* There are no right or wrong answers. Anything that begins to resemble an argument will cause comments to be disabled for all posts.

* Have as much fun doing this challenge as we had putting it together!


/Kalnins (Colony 5) and DJ Drln Nki

Day 1. A song that defines Goth music for you.

Day 2. A song that defines Industrial music for you.

Day 3. A song that defines EBM music for you.

Day 4. Song from a band that originated near your home. (preferably within 100 mi.(160km), as close as you can get is fine)

Day 5. Cover that is better than the original.

Day 6. Best cover of an 80s hit.

Day 7. Best cover of an out-of-genre song.

Day 8. Best cover of Stripped by Depeche Mode. (there are 333 entries for "Stripped depeche mode cover" on YouTube. This made us laugh and decide to include this questions as something to make everyone smile... :))

Day 9. Remix that is better than the original.

Day 10. First single/album you remember buying, ever. (does not have to be goth/industrial/ebm)

Day 11. First goth/industrial/ebm single/album you remember owning.

Day 12. Song that everyone would be shocked to find out you love. (probably not goth/industrial/ebm)

Day 13. Song that reminds you of a relationship (past or present).

Day 14. Song from a band you would like to spend a night drinking with.

Day 15. Best video. (must not be a live performance or fan produced slideshow)

Day 16. Song from a band you consider the best live performer (include live video).

Day 17. Most disappointing live performance. (give approx. date and location of show)

Day 18. Song from a band still on your "must see live" list.

Day 19. Song from a band you wish was still performing together.

Day 20. Song from a band with the most attractive singer or band member.

Day 21. Best voice (male).

Day 22. Best voice (female).

Day 23. Song with the best bass-line.

Day 24. Song with the best use of movie samples. (name the movie if possible)

Day 25. Song with the most over processed/distorted vocals.

Day 26. Song with the funniest lyrics (please include lyrics if possible).

Day 27. Most overplayed club hit.

Day 28. Song from the most underrated band.

Day 29. Song from the most overrated band.

Day 30. Song from a band you have just recently discovered and really like."

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